How to Print Decorative Art

  • Purchase and Download your files.
    • If your art was customized after purchasing I’ll have sent you a link to a Google Drive download folder after customization.
    • If the artwork was not customized after purchase you will receive an instant download notice from this website after your purchase goes through.
    • Click the link I sent you. It will take you to the file in the Google Drive folder I made you. Due to file size, it may be a compressed ZIP file. Download that file.
    • The file will land in your system’s Downloads folder so if you don’t see it at the bottom of your screen….that’s where it is. I like to right-click the downloaded file, open my File Explorer and move it to the place it needs to be.
  • To Extract the files from the ZIP:
    Right click the ZIP file and choose Extract All. A new window will open giving you a choice of where to save the file. It will default to the same folder the ZIP file is in and create a new folder with the same name as the ZIP file. If you want to change the name or folder you can do it from there.
What Paper to Use

Art prints best on a high quality card weight paper. The paper really does matter!

  • Use a heavy-weight, high quality paper. Choose the correct paper for your printer (inkjet or laser).
  • Art prints look best on matte paper. Not glossy.
  • Be sure to adjust printer settings for the paper you choose.
  • Each printer/paper is a bit different so expect to make some adjustments the first time you try a paper.

I suggest using a matte paper with a smooth or coated finish. Glossy paper works fine for unframed work but is too reflective under glass and is much fussier about settings.  If you go to a print shop ask to see their paper samples before making your paper selection. Standard copy paper is too thin, and colors tend to bleed. See more in the Print at Home section below.

My preferred paper comes from Red River Paper. They have a great selection of reasonably priced papers and I keep several on hand. They also provide printer settings for their papers. I just can’t speak highly enough of their product and support.

My printer is a multifunction Canon Inkjet printer (not a high end printer). I get amazing prints using these papers:

  • Red River Paper – 60lb. Polar Matte (I use this for art prints)
  • Red River Paper – Palo Duro Smooth (I use this for greeting cards)
  • Red River Paper – 60lb. Canvas (this is a textured paper…not cloth)
Printing at Home
  1. Use your printer’s rear loading tray for heavy weight paper.
  2. Open your artwork PDF file in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Be sure to use the right printer settings for the paper you have chosen.
  4. Click “Print” and select your printer, you should see a link under the printer selection box for Printer Properties. Click there to fine tune settings. Options vary depending on printer.
  5. Look for your printer’s High-Quality or Best Quality Options vary depending on printer. If your paper type is not listed, click into the drop-down options for your printer.

Finding the best printer options for each paper type may take some experimentation. The best place to start is your printer’s High Quality settings. Drill down into the printer settings options to choose the high quality settings. Sometimes the setting will just be a photo-quality paper setting. Do not choose a gloss paper setting for matte paper (or vice versa).

Please be respectful of copyrights.
All artwork in this shop is original and copyrighted. Sharing, distributing or reselling the printed art or digital file is not allowed. You can print as many times as you like for your personal use, gifts, or display in your home or office but you may not share, forward, resell or redistribute in any way. Images are not for use in marketing collateral or branded material. Alicia Heyman Studio retains all rights.

If you would like to share the artwork in this site for your friends to use, please share the link to the product page so that they can purchase the work. I really appreciate your understanding and support of my work!

Thanks and enjoy your project!


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