I work with the following companies to print and ship merchandise and fine art prints:

My Threadless Artist Shop:

My Fine Art America Artist Shop:
(Pixels is Fine Art America’s artist shop platform)

If you have a question or would like for me to create some custom art or graphics for you, here are some ways to contact me:

and...About Me

My home and studio is in Chattanooga, TN at the top of one of the many mountain ridges that surround the city. After 4 decades working as a graphic designer and renderer for small business owners, manufacturing companies and design firms, I'm definitely a jack-of-all-trades tending to shift from one medium to another depending on what the project requires.

This new phase of my life is turning out to be not so different.  I'm happiest working in a variety of mediums and don't see that changing. In 2017 when I retired, I put my focus onto loosening up and creating more from the heart than for a marketing purpose. What was a graphic design office has evolved into an ever changing creative space that accommodates both digital and physical mediums - metal, clay, stone, paper, fabric, acrylic paint, metallic mediums, digital art, and fine art photography. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know what you like or what you'd like to see! Alicia

Handmade Jewelry
Making boho jewelry and learning new techniques for the last couple of years led me to open an Etsy shop and I will be keeping that shop open.  You can access it directly here: https://aliciaheymanstudio.etsy.com or from my Handmade Jewelry page on this site.

Art Printables (digital downloads)
Being the frugal, pragmatic nerd that I am... I wanted to make my fine art and graphics affordable and ready to be part of your creative process! So the decision to make the artwork available for digital download was a no-brainer. Go here to see my art printables.  If you need some help to create your own magic, look to the tutorial/instruction pages.  Need templates to make your own designs? I'll be uploading more as time goes by, but here are the templates I used to create the printable cards on this site.  

Printed and Shipped Art
I kept getting raised eyebrows from friends who were not interested in printing and finishing the art (framing and matting it) themselves, so I've found printing partners to produce ready-to-hang art and fun printed merchandise.  I really didn't want to create a cottage industry at this point in my life.  Better to leave it up to the pros.  Read about my production partners here.


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